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ArcheAge Set to Launch Tomorrow, But can f2p players Join in the Fun?

Jef Reahard from Massively has been writing an ArcheAge journal detailing his impressions of the ArcheAge headstart which started on Sept. 12 and is going on until tomorrow’s official launch. He posted again today about pve and other issues with … Continue reading

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With ArcheAge on the horizon I look at wow nerfs and DAoC updates

While Trion announced that ArcheAge is being released on Sept. 16, the open beta begins tomorrow and I am highly tempted to become a sponsor to begin testing it out early, albeit after all the early beta events. Just not … Continue reading

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Can Wow’s next expansion save an entire industry?

As detailed on many a mmo news site, yesterday Blizzard revealed the release date for the next wow expansion Warlords of Draenor. The title drops on Nov. 13 of this year. As my summer internship is coming to a close … Continue reading

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Running around Telara with Xannziee

Xannziee from 7 Days a Week and I have have been exploring RIFT together gamer monkeys. Well today was actually our first outing together but I believe it went well and it will be the first of many weekly adventures … Continue reading

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Do you want a PVE server to go with your Sandbox?

I have been thinking about PvP these days and the state of World of Warcraft, that is why I found this post on BioBreak to be very interesting, though it pertains to the Trion Sandbox ArcheAge. A while back I … Continue reading

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DDO pwns Neverwinter in the f2p realm

I have returned! My apologies for having been gone so long gamer monkeys. I am happy to report that I completed my thesis report and made final revisions earlier today so pretty soon I will be getting my M.A. What … Continue reading

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This week in mmo blogging

     Hello mmo gaming monkeys, I know this roundup is a few days late, but as they say, better late than never. Work is going to get heavy again this end of the week, but I plan to blog fairly regularly. … Continue reading

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