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Dark Age of Camelot Anniversary Bonus Weekend

Today is the actual birthday of DAoC. According to Community Manager John Thornhill, to celebrate, the following bonuses have been applied and will run until the morning of Tuesday, October 14th: On Ywain: 50% bonus to RP in all NF … Continue reading

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Trion’s ArcheAge A Most Disappointing Experience

I would like to say that playing Trion’s new mmo ArcheAge has been a huge disappointment gamer monkeys, I would like to, but that would not be fair or accurate, considering I have hardly had the chance to play. I … Continue reading

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ArcheAge beta musings Day 2

The ArcheAge beta rages on. I finally downloaded all 19 gigs of the game and logged on for the first time to try it out yesterday. I have to say that it was very cool to see so many gamers … Continue reading

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With ArcheAge on the horizon I look at wow nerfs and DAoC updates

While Trion announced that ArcheAge is being released on Sept. 16, the open beta begins tomorrow and I am highly tempted to become a sponsor to begin testing it out early, albeit after all the early beta events. Just not … Continue reading

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Running around Telara with Xannziee

Xannziee from 7 Days a Week and I have have been exploring RIFT together gamer monkeys. Well today was actually our first outing together but I believe it went well and it will be the first of many weekly adventures … Continue reading

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Square Enix offers mmo players a free bite off FFXIV

By now you’ve probably heard that Square Enix announced yesterday that it is launching a 14-day for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Gamespot reports that the free trial software can be downloaded from the official site, which allows a … Continue reading

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DDO pwns Neverwinter in the f2p realm

I have returned! My apologies for having been gone so long gamer monkeys. I am happy to report that I completed my thesis report and made final revisions earlier today so pretty soon I will be getting my M.A. What … Continue reading

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