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Layoffs at Turbine Could Spell Trouble for LOTRO and DDO

I have been reading over the past few days about he layoffs planned at Turbine and the forums on both LOTRO and DDO have been buzzing with speculation and elucidation, trying to ascertain how these latest round of layoffs might … Continue reading

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Dark Age of Camelot Celebrates 13th Anniversary with RvR Tournament

For the past week or so I have neglected my GW2 avatar in favor of playing Dark Age of Camelot. I am happy to report that the transition between developing studios (Broadsword v. Mythic) appears to be going splendidly. Just last … Continue reading

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A Return to the Frosty Lands of Midgard

After trying the ArcheAge beta for a few days I decided that I had no intention of dropping $50 or more on a founder’s pack for that game, I would rather wait until it fully launches in a few days … Continue reading

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Can Wow’s next expansion save an entire industry?

As detailed on many a mmo news site, yesterday Blizzard revealed the release date for the next wow expansion Warlords of Draenor. The title drops on Nov. 13 of this year. As my summer internship is coming to a close … Continue reading

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Blogosphere Roundup

THIS WEEK: Mmo monkey Christopher Cavelle in his blog writes about the perils of beign an I.P. whore and explores the interesting dynamic that exists between gamers who are interested most in playing games with a well known I.P. This … Continue reading

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