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Trion’s ArcheAge A Most Disappointing Experience

I would like to say that playing Trion’s new mmo ArcheAge has been a huge disappointment gamer monkeys, I would like to, but that would not be fair or accurate, considering I have hardly had the chance to play. I … Continue reading

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MMO loyalty and Canada Day Resolutions

I loved I has PC’s latest post on MMO loyalty where brands treating customers as individuals (and not just all the same) and the comparison to a successful costumer oriented operation like Starbucks was explored. You can read the post … Continue reading

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Monkeying around in SWTOR

Hey there gamer monkeys. I know I have not updated in almost two weeks and that’s like an eternity for bloggers, for this I apologize. The reason I have been away so long is I have been preparing the final touches on … Continue reading

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