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wow toons


Long before there was Aion, Rift, EOS, or even Wildstar there was World of Warcraft and this was the first mmorpg I played in 2007-08.

There were others which made an impression on me: Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest 2, Dungeons and Dragons Online, LOTRO, STO, and a few others, but I always went back to Wow. I enjoyed playing my horde toons.

There are others who enjoy playing mmos as well, many, many others who find this genre their favorite for some reason. I can guess the reason, these games usually have a rich community of players, they aren’t called massively multi-player for nothing.

One problem with modern mmos is that they seem to be of the cookie-cutter variety, a lot of the developers who create these games seem to obsessed with toppling wow from its perch- many have tried and failed like SWTOR and Warhammer Online. So they continue to make the wow-killer, or worse, they make inferior wow clones. If we want wow, why not just play wow?

The latest big budget or super hyped mmorpgs to hit the market to garner a lot of attention are the Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy XIV.

But why am I telling you all this? If  you play mmos then you probably already know the history of mmorpgs. (Thank you biobreak for the breakdown!)

This blog exists to present commentary on intriguing blog posts, opinions and analysis from the players themselves: They write blogs about the games they play. So do I! Been doing so in one form or another since 2009


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