Trion’s ArcheAge A Most Disappointing Experience

ArcheAge server meme

courtesy of evil monkey boy

I would like to say that playing Trion’s new mmo ArcheAge has been a huge disappointment gamer monkeys, I would like to, but that would not be fair or accurate, considering I have hardly had the chance to play. I am not alone, but if I was a patron I would be royally pissed.

Of course, game launches have historically been chaotic at best and a few wrinkles are to be expected but seriously, the days since this game launched have been pretty bad considering every time I would fire up the game launcher I would be staring at a queue of more than one hour or 3,000 players ahead of me.

Massively reported on Monday that Trion had opened more servers and had promised to compensate players who paid for the head start of the game but who were unable to log on to play.

The obvious question in gamer monkeys’ heads might be, why wasn’t Trion more prepared for the massive amounts of gamers trying the game in both their EU and U.S. servers leading up to the Sept. 16 launch? This and other launch issues such as the advantages of being a patron vs. a f2p player and what sort of compensation (if any) players can expect were also addressed by Massively.  and Ozzallos from even went as far as calling ArcheAge the most overhyped MMO game of the year.

So despite the problems, has the game lived up to the hype? Only time will tell, there are some bloggers who report having fun playing the game while there are others who report frustration and heartache. As I said, my exposure to the game is minimal, as a f2p game I found the early levels to be grindy, but one night after the queue subsided, I was able to log on, only to experience a glitch in which my character was wading through water while the rest of the world floated about his head in some sort of graphically drug induced dream. WTH???

I will not go as far as comparing the ArcheAge launch to the hype and subsequent launch of Warhammer Online in 2008. (Although I can recall the hype for that game, then being thoroughly disappointed by its development)  or the more recent launch of STWOR. Because of graphics problems, I didn’t get to play SWTOR right off the bat, but when I finally tried BioWare’s mmo, I was bored, saddened and royally disappointed by the game. The voice acting and character story was OK, but the early level and world were terrible.

ArcheAge has not yet reached those low depths, but then again I have not been able to play it long enough to compare. Yet, it hasn’t been for lack of trying!!

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5 Responses to Trion’s ArcheAge A Most Disappointing Experience

  1. Xannziee says:

    Hahaha u must have tried another game. Iv never had do much fun in a game ever as in ArcheAge. Queues are a lot shorter now due to a fix. I love it :):)

  2. Xannziee says:

    *had SO – cellphone thumb ….

  3. hordemaster says:

    Nope, it was Trion’s ArcheAge, I used Glyph to log on. As I said, the weird underwater glitch and the massive queues were ongoing, I didn’t imaging those. I am going to try GW2’s free trial and then come back to ArcheAge and give it another shot. You might be a fangirl now but just because you have had good experiences doesn’t mean the rest of us have not.

  4. I did and I wasn’t the only one, there are other documented cases, the hardware was fine, it was just a glitch from what I read online

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