DAoC Battlegrounds Revisited

With so many options in the mmo gaming landscape, the newest addition being Trion’s ArcheAge, gamers now have more options than ever in regards to which virtual world they inhabit.

ArcheAge is supposed to have a robust pvp system in addition to being a compelling sandbox, not that I would know as every time I have tried to log into the game there has been a long queue and I have been unable to play the game, I am not alone, others are experiencing the same frustration. ArcheAge launched on Sept 16, both f2p and p2p players (called Patrons) were allowed to log in, but it seems the launch has been less than smooth.

ArcheAge queue message

Unable to join friends on the ArcheAge U.S. servers, I have gone back to playing the venerable and celebrated mmorpg Dark Age of Camelot known for the best pvp. I have taken good advantage of my seven day “reenlistment” free time and I am sure to sub for the rest of the month as l am almost half way to level 50.

It’s a hit or miss proposition playing DAoC in 2014. Depending on what time you log on, you may find it difficult to find other players to group with. This game as it was when it debuted in 2001, heavily relies on groups to run with and there have been times when the server has seemed like a ghost town.

Other times though I have been in Killaloe or Thidranki when I have been soloing and getting beat down by mobs when all of a sudden others come to the rescue and I group with them for the rest of the run. Most recently I have been playing a Thane and learning to spec my spells and axe or sword weapons. For most of you gamer monkeys who would like to play DAoC remember that the easiest way to level up to max level is to do b.g.s. Some are more crowded than others at peak times.

It is impossible to know how populated the game is, given Mythic and EA didn’t release detailed subscription numbers, and Broadsword probably has followed suit. Yet, make no mistake about it, the community is friendly and helpful and some of the best I have encountered in my years of playing mmorpgs.

I don’t restrict myself to b.g.s while levelling in DAoC, but that is because I think it’s a beautifully designed game and I enjoy doing the pve portion of it as well. It may not be World of Warfcraft, the game that originally sapped most players away from DAoC, but I love the lore and design of Hibernia, Albion and Midgard and on the pvp front, it’s always nice to be on b.g. runs and fend off the occasional gankers from the other two factions.

Best of all, the game runs beautifully and fluidly on my laptop despite the old mechanics and archaic U.I. compared to newer games. Most of the time I play it on my bigger monitor and desktop, even though I have a substandard graphics card on that machine, it does not make a difference with DAoC which requires less system resources. Some will undoubtedly be turned off by the ancient looking graphics, but for me, the graphics are part of the charm and are not as bad as say the original Everquest. I almost always find DAoC a fun and truly highly immersive experience.


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