A Return to the Frosty Lands of Midgard

After trying the ArcheAge beta for a few days I decided that I had no intention of dropping $50 or more on a founder’s pack for that game, I would rather wait until it fully launches in a few days and play for free, even if  that means not having first crack at the best land or whatever benefits come with the head start to the game.

I based my decision on the fact that this game, at least in the early levels reminded me a lot of SWTOR, mostly due to the voiced quest givers and story driven content, but I get bored of that so easily, but I will return to the game and go past level 30 to experience the higher level content.

I was playing wow and enjoying pvp b.g.s, trying to get my hunter to level 15 so I can do dungeons, when I saw on Sophie Breca’s channel that she had done Dark Age videos with info on the Broadsword patches to the frontiers and it made me reminisce about the game that I decided to resub on the spot, after all with newer mmorpgs on the horizon, you never know how long we will have these classic worlds to roam in.

So from now on, I will pick a classic game and a new game to play on a monthly basis. For september it will be Dark Age and ArcheAge. The above video of returning and modern mmo gamer monkeys experiencing this classic game made me even more nostalgic and I hope to be documenting my progress with my midgard toon for days to come.

I hope all you gamer monkeys come along for the ride, even better, roll a toon in ywain and join me in Midgard!

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