Running around Telara with Xannziee

game characters dancing in the RIFT

Xannziee from 7 Days a Week and I have have been exploring RIFT together gamer monkeys. Well today was actually our first outing together but I believe it went well and it will be the first of many weekly adventures to come which will be chronicled in both our blogs.

We are a couple on the Seastone shard, so if you run across us in game, do be sure to drop by and say hello. The above shot is from us dancing and having a wonderful first outing in the shard and in her dwelling in that dim.

Our plan is to level our toons together and maybe get to do some PvP after max levelling. At the moment we are enjoying each other’s company and also enjoying the levelling experience.

This experience has me thinking more about community in mmos. There is so much segmentation and fragmentation of the mmo community, almost as much as there is on social media channels, that it makes it hard to group sometimes or to play in a virtual world with a friend. However, when you do find someone who enjoys the virtual world with you as much, it can be rather fun and magical or both.

It may be worth noting, from a pure sociological level, that Xannziee and I are nine hours apart due to the time zones and therefore finding free time to play with each other has been especially challenging, though we made it work.

It used to be a lot easier to group on WoW, but now all you get is affirmation of your role or if you do something wrong when you are in a dungeon or on the b.g.s. This is why I enjoy DDO because DDO requires you to group with others in order to play the game and I find the ease in which you can do this (via the LFG tool) to be very satisfying.

This is why it can be so difficult for gamers to detach themselves from their alternate realities whenever an mmo world dies. This is documented in a very thought provoking and intelligent post from Contains Moderate Peril this week.

Looks like I have found the mmorpg that I can play with some friends when I am not busy soloing my Warrior for PvP in wow or slash and hacking in Neverwinter. The former I play mostly for the chance to gear and fight in b.g.s while the later I play to see if the gameplay will get more interesting past level 10.

I found that my EQ2 guild is full of level 95s, too high skilled and busy with raiding or max level content to help my lowly toon survive, that even though I get the perks of a guild hall as a member, I don’t often have too many people helping me to power level me. This is one reason I stopped playing regularly.

So for the time being, I continue to alternate my gaming time from RIFT to Wow to Neverwinter, and since Syp is doing some DDO this month, I am motivated to play with my old warforged or to play a new toon this week. Looks like it will be a fun August. Hope the rest of you are having fun too, whatever game world you inhabit gamer monkeys.

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3 Responses to Running around Telara with Xannziee

  1. Thanks a lot for your company I had so much fun. And I needed that distraction so much due to some very disturbing RL news I got a few hours earlier… Timezones sux but on the other hand its harder to get tired of each others company this way :O)
    Anyho im looking forward to the next adventure and why not try a warfront next time? Low lvl baby pvp is so cute :):)
    *huggies* //Xan

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  3. Cute? Probably compared to higher levels of pvp I suppose. I look forward to adventuring with you once again. Cheers

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