Square Enix offers mmo players a free bite off FFXIV

By now you’ve probably heard that Square Enix announced yesterday that it is launching a 14-day for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Gamespot reports that the free trial software can be downloaded from the official site, which allows a player to play the game for free for up to 14 days until their character hits level 20. The trial, similar to World of Warcraft and other mmos, also limits what in-game activities players can take part in.

I always felt that this is the wrong approach to take. The biggest flaw to this “piecemeal” approach to rolling out games is that the developers usually cut off the biggest attraction to this genre for me: the interaction with the community. For example, in Wow, trial players are not allowed to “whisper” or send a tell to other gamers.

The trial also features a “recruit-a-friend” program, again similar to what Blizzard did for wow a few years back.

The announcement made me curious as not too long ago when I was sampling a new computer, I was looking at specs in great detail with an emphasis on being able to run FFIXV. Before ESO and Wildstar or even ArcheAge launched or went into beta, Square Enix’s game was gaining popularity and praise from mmo enthusiasts who marveled at the company’s extreme care in retooling its once flawed mmo.

Now, not so much. I remember my roommate playing it for hours but then when he got into ESO he dumped it like yesterday’s newspaper.

I want to try the game but I never took the plunge because there is so much lore associated with it and I never played the old Final Fantasy games. I could not tell a choco from an ewok. Then there is that pesky subscription and I only sub for games I know I will be playing fairly regularly like wow or DAoC.

Frankly I have too many mmos installed on my hard drive right now to bother with adding yet another. Here is the original Gamespot review to help make up your mind if you are on the fence about playing the game.

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