Do you want a PVE server to go with your Sandbox?

Warsong Gulch battleground results in World of Warcraft

I have been thinking about PvP these days and the state of World of Warcraft, that is why I found this post on BioBreak to be very interesting, though it pertains to the Trion Sandbox ArcheAge.

A while back I read in a list of the best games of 2014 that ArcheAge was going to be one of them and it piqued my interest, I guess the game is currently in beta.

Syp gripes about the game’s community in his post saying that “The downside to sandboxes: there are just so many more ways you can screw with other players than kill them in mindless combat.”

He will only play the game if there is a PVE server in the works and I can see his logic behind the request, it can be irritating to deal with gankers when all you are doing is looking to enjoy the sandbox experience of a new mmorpg. Personally when I used to play Dark Age of Camelot back in the day, I loved to go into a b.g. or a zone and didn’t mind getting interrupted when questing by hibs and albs! It was on! Usually if members of my faction were around it was great fun because I could return their grief in spades when we had the numbers, which was a lot of the time.

Back to Syp, I guess he posted on the forums and got a lot of anti PVE server sentiments from the nascent (and toxic as he described) community.

Recently I have been doing Warsong Gulch on wow and I had forgotten how b.g.s in Azeroth, at least the early level ones, can be both tons of fun and irritating. The former because I enjoy pvp action and I like being able to do faction fighting, which is one of the central conceits in the World of Warcraft after all, but the latter is the downside: There are a lot of immature jerks who ruin it by calling you a n00b or worse if your game play isn’t up to their perceived levels of excellence.

Some of the comments against PvE servers in ArcheAge and my responses to those arguments:

  • “I am sure you can enjoy the game without actually PvPing as well. However, you’ll just have to be very careful and cautious. But hey, if you are in dire need of protection and don’t fancy fighting players yourself, you can always hire someone to protect you!”

LOL typical PvP jerk mindset. Basically says if you want to share the game world, you better be prepared to be ganked. Obviously a dedicated PvE server would solve this problem.

  • “Just hope not, the game is all about PvP, so Carebaears just don’t join ArcheAge”

And why can’t it be about both? I mean, they would be segmented by server right?

  • “PvP is integral part of the game and removing it makes the game pointless.”

I don’t think this is true, unless this sandbox is specifically catered to the PvP masses the way Darkfall or other games have been. Again, not to beat a dead horse, but DAoC had the best 3 faction pvp, but still managed to include PvE and did it in an engaging fashion imho.

  • “TRION already knows it has a niche player base and will likely not deviate from PvP, which is what the majority wants.”

How does Trion know this? Was there an official poll or survey?

  • “We need people who do not want to play on a PVP server on a PVP server, that way the ‘good guys’ will have someone to protect.”

People protect other players in PvP servers? That has never been my experience I usually get ganked from all sides!

  • “However, the core of the game is designed with the threat of PVP in mind. Without that element, you will be playing a broken game and you will end up getting bored of it very fast.”

This is true if all you play for is PvP, sounds like they don’t want PvE servers to thin out their population of lambs to the slaughter.

  • “It’s frustrating to be doing trade runs to get ganked by 5 higher level people. I can understand that. But it’s what this game is practically built on. The PvE aspect of the game isn’t very strong. “

I can see this point of view, but I don’t necessarily concur.

 Personally, I kind of wish that wow had more open world pvp, but only if it had a good amount of players still running around, which I am afraid is no longer the case as most will congregate around capital cities to queue up for b.g.s and dungeons and raiding is the main content these days. Wow has been nerfed, but I still enjoy Warsung Gulch from time to time, as I am sure I will enjoy higher level b.g.s. As for Syp, I hope he gets his PvE server in ArcheAge. You should not be prevented from enjoying your sandbox just to appease the PvP majority.

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One Response to Do you want a PVE server to go with your Sandbox?

  1. Xannziee says:

    But the definition on sandbox is you can do almost everything….. if they make a archeage *theme park* pve server its no longer a sandbox.

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