DDO pwns Neverwinter in the f2p realm

DDO free to play mmorpg action

image courtesy of lorehound.com

I have returned! My apologies for having been gone so long gamer monkeys. I am happy to report that I completed my thesis report and made final revisions earlier today so pretty soon I will be getting my M.A.

What have I been up to besides being grad school’s bitch? Well, I have been alternating between playing Neverwinter and DDO a lot. I find it ironic that after lusting after a computer with a semi-decent vid card for so long, I am mostly disappointed with today’s flashy new mmorpgs. Why is it that the older generation of these types of games feel more fun and innovative? People who know me well or read my blog know of my deep fondness for Dark Age of Camelot, a truly innovative inclusion in the genre, but after playing Neverwinter for a few nights, I may have to add it to the list of games that I won’t be playing for long.

This is really a shame because in reality it’s not a horrible game, but I find the map confusing and when I run around for hours looking for an NPC to turn in a quest and he/she is nowhere to be found, whether it’s a bug or it’s something else, this really detracts from my enjoyment of the game.

Here are some pluses about Neverwinter (it’s not all bad)

-PVP instances or zones are fun

-it’s similar to other mmos like wow, so if you are familiar with how these games work in terms of U.I., questing, gear, then  you will probably feel right at home in Neverwinter

-it’s f2p so unlike wow, you don’t have to sub.

The drawbacks are grouping and the camera. For some reason, the camera is a heck of a lot better in DDO, maybe I am just used to it. I feel that the community is better in DDO and it is harder to find a group. I was asked to group a few times in Neverwinter, but no one chats much or answers your questions, it’s the same as wow, whereas DDO’s community will work with you and the players help a newbie out.

DDO is such a unique entity with its instanced dungeons, quirks like airships for buffs and shrines, not to mention it’s unique feel. DDO is based on D&D 3.5 and it feels so much more like D&D to me than Neverwinter.

I also dabbled in EQ2 a bit last week, even joined a guild in the Nagafen PVP sever and had fun for a while, but EQ2’s zones are so hard to solo and there isn’t always someone from my guild to help me in the leveling process or to run group quests. It’s no fun dying over and over, so I remember why I stopped soloing my character a few years back on EQ2. Got as far as level 14.

Well if I have more time this week I will do another blogging roundup. Until then, may you days be full of xp and success in whatever online realm you find yourself in these days mmo monkeys.


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