DDO vs Neverwinter Part 1

drowning sorrows tavern in Dungeons and Dragons online

Well I have been updating my DDO blog of late because the impending release of D&D 5th edition next week has got me in the D&D frame of mind. I actually levelled my old Barbarian warforged to level 9 running quests in House J with a friend, though we didn’t have a big enough party to survive Hounted Library on elite, so we had to log. I think that is the one House J quest that I have not yet completed.

Since I have also been sporadically dabbling in Neverwinter, I thought it would be cool to do a series of posts comparing both games, but I was not prepared for the onslaught I got when I posted a thread on the forums regarding said comparison.

Perhaps Phillymiket said it best with this analogy: “NWO is a really slick looking game of Checkers that’s good for a play or two.DDO is that old, beat up Chess set that’s still my favorite.” Blackdae said, “I was so full of hope when they announced NWO.. I loved both the NWN..”Then I tried it and my nerd-heart had a stroke :/ ”

From what I have seen, that may be an accurate description, though to be fair I will play Neverwinter a few more times before declaring DDO the superior game. Meanwhile, I was kind of hoping I’d get in at least an hour of game time, but since it was almost 2am back east, the server was not very populated and all the groups questing on the LFG were mostly high level, so I sat in the appropriately titled Drowning Sorrows tavern with all my buffs from the other night until I decided I had to log. Maybe tomorrow night gamer monkeys!!

Till then keeping it real!

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