MMO loyalty and Canada Day Resolutions

Neverwinter character creation

I loved I has PC’s latest post on MMO loyalty where brands treating customers as individuals (and not just all the same) and the comparison to a successful costumer oriented operation like Starbucks was explored.

You can read the post for yourself here, but the point is that more game devs and companies need to remember that players have plenty of choices in mmo games these days.

If a player is going to be loyal to a game, then the devs also need to try to reward loyalty somehow, but how do you do that when gamers are such fickle lots to begin with? With the recent explosion of mmo games on the market, some good, some bad, and some terribly bad, a game has to be really captivating to make a player feel he/she is getting their entertainment dollars out of their subscription fees. If it is a free to play game, it has to really compete with other games to get a gamer’s attention for a long period of time.

I guess that is why I am partial to the f2p model at the moment. With a game like Neverwinter, I don’t have to make either a big monetary or time commitment, I can get in and out and have a game session whether it be for a few hours, an hour, a half day, whatever.

Personally, gamer monkeys, while most people are playing ESO and Wildstar at the moment, I am bouncing back and forth between RIFT and SWTOR, the former because it is close enough to World of Warcraft, but different enough to have its own fantasy flavor and the latter because I want to level up characters and see the varying stories on both the light and dark side. Even though PVP isn’t stellar, it has enough replayability until Wow releases their next expansion and plus we are in the midst of a double XP weekend!!

I also recently read and enjoyed Player versus Developer’s Canada Day Resolutions for 2014. It was fun to see that other players were enjoying Neverwinter and the discussion on other MMOs intrigued me as it is eerily similar to the musings I have been having of late. EQ2 and FFIXV are definitely games I want to dabble in, having once tried the former and wanting to try the latter.



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