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Do you want a PVE server to go with your Sandbox?

I have been thinking about PvP these days and the state of World of Warcraft, that is why I found this post on BioBreak to be very interesting, though it pertains to the Trion Sandbox ArcheAge. A while back I … Continue reading

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DDO pwns Neverwinter in the f2p realm

I have returned! My apologies for having been gone so long gamer monkeys. I am happy to report that I completed my thesis report and made final revisions earlier today so pretty soon I will be getting my M.A. What … Continue reading

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DDO vs Neverwinter Part 1

Well I have been updating my DDO blog of late because the impending release of D&D 5th edition next week has got me in the D&D frame of mind. I actually levelled my old Barbarian warforged to level 9 running … Continue reading

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MMO loyalty and Canada Day Resolutions

I loved I has PC’s latest post on MMO loyalty where brands treating customers as individuals (and not just all the same) and the comparison to a successful costumer oriented operation like Starbucks was explored. You can read the post … Continue reading

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