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     Hello mmo gaming monkeys, I know this roundup is a few days late, but as they say, better late than never. Work is going to get heavy again this end of the week, but I plan to blog fairly regularly.

     Ash from Ash’s Adventures has a good discussion on the roles of players in mmos, specifically regarding how and if roles should be altered in the current “trinity” of healer, tank and DPS so prevalent in most games and invented by World of Warcraft.

    In looking at the problems with the set-up of player roles in both GW2 and Champions, Ash does a convincing job of arguing that the current configuration may not need a radical overhaul, rather fine tuning of sorts.

    Personally, I never played GW2 or Champions enough to come across this problem with groups, but I can see how it would be an issue in wow and other games which are so focused on group interactions and which force players to join PUGs to advance in higher level and end game content.

   A few days ago the Contains Moderate Peril podcast celebrated their 150th podcast and to mark the occasion they featured a follow-up to an earlier program in which they discussed the future of MMOs. They explored the origins of the genre, its transition to the mainstream and challenges. In the follow up they touch upon themes as which mmo defined the genre for listeners, the old themepark vs. sandbox discussion, and cash stores in various mmo games, among others.

   I like listening to these British gentlemen and probably will consider continuing doing so periodically from time to time because they bring up good gaming topics, not just because I am fishing for a shout out from them or anything, though I would not frown upon one haha. Gotta be real monkeys…just saying.

   Check out the podcast and the blog. They have some interesting things to say about LOTRO and other games and they drink Brandy and discuss mmos…how can you go wrong?

   By the way, Guests included Joseph from the MMO Troll, Syl from MMO Gypsy, hosted by Braxwolf from Gaming Conversations, and Jewel from Healing the Masses.

   Endgame Viable says he won’t be posting as much to his blog during summer, which I feel a lot of bloggers do, but just a few days ago he had a good post about using his game time on World of Warcraft and made some valid points. For me, wow will always be lurking in the background, as much as its detractors hate it, I love the lore and I enjoying pve questing and trying to gear up twinks for battlegrounds in pvp even though I am more of a casual than a hardcore gamer, so I know where EV is coming from.

   Well that is all the time I have for blogging at the moment gamer monkeys. I will return soon after I am done sampling SWTOR (which feels more like a single player game at the moment) and getting into Rift, and Terra hopefully more over the weekend.

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