Level 90 Crash course guides for all classes in wow

This gamer monkey has been monkeying around with World of Warcraft of late, specifically leveling up my fury warrior. Now mind you, I have no idea how to even play a fury warrior as I have been rolling hunter of late, but yesterday I dinged 20, so I have to decide if I am going to continue to play on this toon.

Meanwhile, I found out that Blizzard has posted quick little training guides for all the classes for people starting a level 90 character in the new expansion. When I heard that they were going to let people start a toon at max level, I first thought, “Great, what’s the point of leveling a character when you can just snap one at max level?” but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea, especially if people pick up fast on their class. Wow is pretty easy to learn now, I remember when I first started playing that one had to hunt down their own pet if one was playing a hunter, and you didn’t even get a mount until level 30, but I guess Blizzard has to appeal to a mass audience in light of competition with shiny new mmorpgs like EOS and Wildstar.

Personally, I think the nerfing and what other see as the “dumbing” down the game has not detracted from my desire to play for a number of reasons. One: I am a bit of a wow lore nut, so I really like the lore and story in the game. I actually took time to read the quest texts back in the day, rather than speed through them like most and am looking forward to reading “War Crimes.” and two: I am quite familiar with the world of Azeroth and there is great level of comfort, I think once the expansion hits more players will be coming back to try it out as tends to always happen.

Anyway, here is what Blizzard advices to newbie arms warriors looking to start their level 90 toons on the new expansion. This is just basic, basic stuff: Use battlestance and battle shout should be active to build rage. Use charge to stun and generate rage


Then use:

-Mortal Strike

-Overpower: (use when available)

-Colossus Smash: Allows you to ignore target’s armor debuff

-SLAM: use during colossus smash

-Sudden death: resets the cool down on colossus smash

Spend time reading through spell book, talents and glyphs to learn other activities not touched upon.

Isn’t this what people do anyhow?


Here is a link to the crash course where you can be directed to the other classes.

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