mmo blog roundup: Wildstar, ESO y mas!

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As Wildstar launches, the I HAS PC blog guy (girl?) says he has been listening to the guys at WildStar Nation and they do a great job capturing WildStar with a pretty objective and sensible manner. Personally I won’t be playing Wildstar until I upgrade my ancient rig, but I will be keeping an eye on what the blogosphere’s pulse is in regards to this hyped mmo, will it be another Warhammer Online? Or will it be a breakthrough success? Only time will tell.

Bhagpuss over at Inventory Full has a very interesting post, somewhat critical of Massively for failing to cover the return of f2p mmo Argo. It is a steampunk hybrid mmorpg, in case some of you monkeys have never heard of the game, which also features optional third-person shooter combat mode, PVP battles, castle sieges and arenas, and roaming open world bosses, among other features. This looks like a game I would check out if I was looking to play a f2p game. It has some unique or interesting features to be sure, but just thinking about “trying out” another freebie which would ultimately fall short to wow is a deterrent.

Speaking of Massively, today is Thursday and that means their scheduled “Think Tank” column is supposed to be out. If you are not familiar with their column, it is supposed to be a roundtable of their editors responding to a topic or talking about a common issue, kind of a virtual editorial panel discussion. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been one for a few weeks, the last one having to do with their opinions on the best naming systems in MMOs and how they’d like to see naming systems improved in general. It was a good discussion. Personally I used to name all my characters Soundwave after my favorite Transformer, but it wasn’t always available. Other monkeys always steal my handle!

Today Starshadow is thinking about age and quests over at her gaming diary, which I guess these days details her adventures in ESO, and bonus, she includes in her discussion the D&D moral alignment grid. I haven’t thought about alignment or morality since I was a young gamer monkey playing 1st edition D&D. That’s right, I’m old school and it seems appropriate that a post about an aging character would bring up this recollection. But I digress, her post is thought provoking and the age issue is completely engrossing, so check it out.

The following question was asked over at Keen’s blog and examined by Endgame Viable. 

When a new MMO launches do you ever feel pressed to keep playing to stay at or ahead of the curve? Maybe you have friends playing who all seem to have more time than you do — does that bother you? 

His answer seemed quite logical Mr. Spock…er I mean gaming monkeys, and I suppose that I cannot empathize because I have almost never played any mmos at launch, not even World of Warcraft. (Though I suppose I was around for the launch of some of its expansions) However, it is an interesting examination in the competitive nature of the leveling process. Plus, bonus for both supporting the NBI and for bringing up a topic quite current on the eve and aftermath of Wildstar’s launch.

Today Syp’s blog has a pretty cool review of mobile RPG “Battleheart Legacy.” It looks like a cool mobile game and since the post was under the iphone category, then I assume it is an iphone game, but I have no idea if there is a tablet or Android version out there monkeys, he never mentions the platforms in the post. Nevertheless the screenshots feature a toon with a massive sword about to kick some serious Orc arse, or maybe be eaten by them LOL. You gotta check it out if you are looking for a mobile RPG to play. Personally, I am still looking to upgrade my Galaxy 3 phone because the battery life is so damn crappy.

So that’s it for the roundup for today blogger monkeys, personally , more than playing any current mmo out there, Wildstar and ESO included, I am itching to max level my warrior on wow in preparation for Warlords of Draenor and to go back to levelling different classes on Dark Age of Camelot, especially now that Broadsword Online has tweaked New Frontiers and continues to handle the game. TTYS gamer monkeys, until next time I leave you with this youtuber’s question, which we are all wondering:

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    Great links, thank you

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