This week’s Blogosphere Roundup

city of heroes mmorpg image

city of heroes mmorpg

Welcome to another roundup of the mmo blogosphere gamer monkeys. There are few things I enjoy most, other than playing mmos, than sitting down with a nice glass of ice coffee or tea and going through some thought provoking and well written mmo postings.

This week Xannziee posted about “game jumping” and guild communities on 7 days a week.

Conner over at MMO Fallout sees the value of developers looking into setting up their own private servers

Jeromia at “Why I game” wrote a lengthy but thought provoking post on 2.5 things City of Heroes Did Wrong. You would think loving super heroes as much as I do I would be all over this mmorpg. You would think wrong monkeys, I did like it when I tried it back in the day, but I found some elements also off putting. Who knows maybe I should have given it more of a chance? For the record I was more a fan of the comic book series than the game itself.

The Blessing of Kings blog has a unique poost about alts in games and the current approach of modern mmos towards alts. I was quite an alt holic gamer monkey in the past, so I found this post interesting and informative.

With only 3 days to go until the release of Wildstar, Brannagar at Corpse Run feels that cc is the bane of mmo pvp and has detailed info on why this is the case and makes a case for fixing it in wildstar noting, “There is almost no strategy to it without CC.  I completely understand how frustrating CC can be but this needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed quickly.  Arenas will be a total cluster without effective CC.  So will battlegrounds.”

Finally, LOTRO aficionados will find Andang’s post about the release of Update 14 and Landscape details at this post. Personally, I played LOTRO for a while and found it to be the most fun f2p game next to DDO. What’s your favorite f2p game monkeys??





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2 Responses to This week’s Blogosphere Roundup

  1. Xannziee says:

    Thanks a lot for the link! im honoured ❤ You have a lot of interesting links to other blogs in this post so my commuting week is saved 🙂

  2. Yea that was kinda the whole idea and you’re welcome.

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