Landmark Developers too lazy to craft their own world??

Maybe I am missing the point about S.O.E.’s new game Landmark. I first heard that Everquest Next was being developed and i got excited because I did dabble with Everquest 2. It was one game that kept my interest back in the day, the other of course was World of Warcraft.

The way Landmark works, according to the developers, is that there is a massive world which will be shaped by the players and some of these creations, unless I am understanding this incorrectly, will be used in the E.Q.Next game whenever that lands.

This is intended for players to put their own unique stamp on the game world. There is a long tradition of this sort of thing in RPGs and mmos, most notably D&D’s Neverwinter a f2p mmo introduced “the Foundry” which allows users to create their own quests and campaigns. Something similar existed in the old D&D Neverwinter Nights series, so it was logical that Neverwinter followed this tradition and tried to improve on it. You can read more about the Foundry from Massively’s excellent coverage during Pax Prime two years ago.

But I digress, I think it’s cool that the devs over at S.O.E. want the users to have a similar experience and to share in the fun of building the game world, but I just think it’s kind of lazy of them to give them the tools and then just incorporate it into the next game, what’s worse though is you have to pay to get into the beta in a tiered system for the privilege!

Check out how the system works, as explained by the  devs:

What do the rest of you gamer monkeys think? Will you participate in the Landmark Beta? Are you in the Beta already?? Do you think it’s lazy for the devs to ask the community to help them build the next Everquest by having to pay for the right to do so?? Although getting your name in the credits I guess that part is kinda cool.

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