Blast off!!! Monkeying around in mmo blogosphere

Welcome to the mmo gamer monkey blog site. For a while I have been itching to scratch an itch and to fill a voild left in the mmo gaming blogosphere, namely left after the sudden disappearance of mmo gamer monkey Hugh Hancock’s blog which has been rather idle for several months.

By no means do I think that I can fill those shoes, those would be too big shoes to fill, what is he like a size 11?? In case some of you are unfamiliar with Hugh’s blog, he and his team read a lot of mmo themed blogs, I mean a lot of blogs! Then they select what they find interesting in the blogosphere, part aggregator, part commentator, this massive site kept mmo enthusiasts (and blog readers) like myself up to date on our favorite gaming genre.

Alas, unfortunately like many previous blogs, Hugh’s little corner of the internet went silent and I think it is my duty now that I am winding down my graduate education to pick up the mantle and read some of the mmo blogs out there and bring you news, commentary, and just some plain good reading whenever the fancy strikes.

I promise to be better than I have been in previous blogging projects…ahem….well in so far as my track record hasn’t been stellar. But I have big plans for the summer gamer monkeys! So stick with me and keep on mmorpging. Is that even a word? Well it is around here!

This monkey signing off…

for now! But before I do, I will let my internet pal Boogie 2988 talk to you about an important issue of our times that indirectly affects mmo gaming! Take it away Boogie!!!



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