Blogosphere Roundup

Felicia Day as Codex animation


Mmo monkey Christopher Cavelle in his blog writes about the perils of beign an I.P. whore and explores the interesting dynamic that exists between gamers who are interested most in playing games with a well known I.P. This bodes well for my desired King of Tokyo mmo. What’s that you say? You never head of King of Tokyo?
For shame!!

A couple of weeks back, the author of “The Avatars of Steel” blog posted an interesting discusison about inventory in mmorpgs and some of the problems associated with inventory management. There is a solution but you have to read the post to find out more…I would have mentioned it earlier, but I didn’t have this blog up then smarty pants…

In Better Homes and Dimensions, the Stylish radish talks about building stuff on SOE’s “Landmark.” For those of you who don’t know, Landmark is SOE’s precursor to the hightly anticipated Everquest Next. By highly anticipated I mean by mmo gaming monkeys, not the general population, duh…but I digress..and what the hell is a voxel anyhow? Personally I think that having players craft or create part of the Everquest Next game world is a lazy ploy on the part of the developers for players to do part of their work. Worse yet, players have to subscribe to do this!! I may blog about this some other time. I will say that their developer diaries have cool videos. I mean, check out this one on creating axes…

moving on…

Braxwolf Stormchaser who also does the itunes “Beyond Bossfights” podcast has a very intriguing blog post this week with advice to new would be podcasters. I pesonally have considered doign a podcast, but got bogged down with the technicalities. Also I hate the sound of my own voice so why would I saddle the gaming world with that, but Braxwolf has some very sound advice, even if he does get kind of technical at points about microphones….check it out

While reading about upgrading a gaming system, I realized Ocho over at Casual Aggro had blogged about game difficulty. This is an interesting topic and I feel as though I stumbled upon it because the theme on C.A. almost makes it seem like the posts run into each other. The headlines need to be a bigger sized font so the reader can distinguish between posts, but enough nitpicking…the post about gamer difficulty was dead on, I have had similar thoughts in the past (flying in STO, difficulty dungeons in wow, trying to join a guild in an established mmo like DAoC, you get my drift)

Lastly, Ten Ton Hammer has a pretty good examination of why Kickstarter doesn’t work well for mmo games. I wrote about a similar topic on my old blog about mobile mmo gaming funding issues.

Well, that’s it for now mmo monkeys, I will be back later with more mmo blogosphere juiciness….

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2 Responses to Blogosphere Roundup

  1. theerivs says:

    Thanks for adding me to the round up..and a monster MMO would be SWWEET. I want to be a King Gidorah type monster, no arms, and three heads just flailing about…cause that is what I am in the morning with no caffiene.

  2. Ha ha…maybe some developer will read this and come up with one. I want 10 percent of the profits for the inspiration 🙂

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